Throughout the August our works were exhibited in the City Art Gallery in Częstochowa. We were invited to share our work in the Antresola Gallery, which focuses on promoting young artists. The keeper of this exhibition was Joanna Matyja.



“A good design is like a good friend, with whom you can not only talk about everything but also sit in silence for hours on end. The measure of this friendship is the items craftsmanship.

Desigining is a process, which complexity can’t be seen in the simplicity of the end result. This is the essence of good designs – they respect our sense of sight but don’t revolve around it. Projects of LOTNE STUDIO show the combination of smarts and sensibility, touching modern problems like mobility or the need for individuality in the globalized world. During the search for the optimal form, our designers strive for simplicity of the form and intuitive ease of use.

LOTNE STUDIO tackles a wide variety of topics, the common denominator being the purity of form coming from the deep understanding of the function, attitude to the materials and technologies. Product being assembled does not mean it perishes. On the contrary, it is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Because a good design is like a good friend.”

dr Krystyna Łuczak-Surówka